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The Stone Crab - A Sustainable Fishery

Frenchy's Stone Crabs consists of independent crabbers focusing on the Florida Stone Crab. They are the only processing plant dedicated solely to the stone crab. They are HACCP certified and FDA approved. They cook the crabs the same day they are harvested and only sell fresh, never frozen stone crab.

Unlike other crabs that might end up on our dinner plate, only the claws of the stone crab are harvested. All crabs are able to drop a claw or leg as a defense mechanism or in order to escape a tight spot. Stone crabs have the ability to regenerate their claws in about a year. The same crab can be harvested for it's claws several times, each time returning to it's habitat to reproduce and regenerate.

Stone crabs are bottom dwelling creatures that can be found living from shoreline to 200 feet in depth. Their large, crushing claw is designed to break open shells of mollusks. They prey primarily on clams, scallops and Florida fighting conchs.

Fishing Methods and Regulations:

Frenchy's Stone Crabs are harvested from the Gulf of Mexico, from Crystal River to Fort Myers. Both claws are harvested from the crab. Florida law forbids the harvesting of whole stone crabs and once the claws are removed, the live stone crabs are returned to the water, making it a 100% sustainable product. Claws are not allowed to be harvested from egg-bearing females. Only claws 2 3/4 inches in length or longer are allowed to be harvested. Stone crabs will regenerate new claws in about 18 months. Each time the crab molts, the new claw grows larger. A ''large'' crab claw can weigh up to half a pound and “colossal” claws have reached a pound or more.

Eating Qualities:

Known for their sweet succulence and snowy white meat, stone crab has a delicate texture, rich mouth feel and salty finish.

Sold by Size per Pound:

  • Jumbo: 2-3 per pound
  • Large: 3-5 per pound
  • Medium: 6-8 per pound